Critical Hit Games, WFB 2k League

Round 1, James the Vampire Lord (playing Undead Legions) vs. myself playing Dark Elves.

My round one opponent for the fantasy league was James. James and I play against each other pretty regularly, and good friends, so I knew going in this game would be fun.

Looking at the match up I knew a few things. First, with the 50% lords allowance under the End Times rules James would definitely be taking multiple lords. I also presumed to see at least one Terrorghiest. In the past, James has favored a combat lord with a ghoul block that marches right up the gut, so I was expecting a similar build.

With this in mind I knew playing the monster heavy I favor would do fine. Rather then take the BeastMaster I decided to try out a DreadLord on Manticore, he is better with an extra attack, better defense, ect.

My list turned out like this:

Dreadlord on Manticore with upgrades for a 4+ save and Blind Rage (+D3 attacks but enemies get +1 to hit him), some defensive kit for a 1+ save 4+ ward, charmed shield and Ogre Blade.

Master on Dark Pegasus, Battle Standard Bearer, 1+ save, lance, Cloak of Twilight

Sorceress w. lvl 2 (fire), dispel scroll, ruby ring, Darksteed

5 Dark Riders with Musician and full kit

”                                ”

”                                    ”

14 Darkshards with shields

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers

2 Hydras with Fiery Breath

1 Kharibdyss (or however you spell it).

Basically my plan was to eliminate all of James’ support elements as fast a possible, and then if possible combo charge the whittled down block with the vampires. Avoiding direct combat with this unit as much as possible.

James took a surprisingly magic heavy list with 2 vampire lords, one lvl 4 on beast the other lvl 2 on lore of Undeath, and a lvl 2 Necromancer on Vampires. He had a big block of ghouls with both vampires in it, 2 units of 5 dire wolves, a terroghiest, 20 or so zombies, a banshee, and the big shocker a Casket of Souls!

Rather then give a blow by blow i’ll hit the highlights.

Turn 1:

First turn James showed his magic dominance summoning a 3 man varghiest unit (which would be a pain for the rest of the game).

During my turn I maneuvered to deal with threats, and promptly moved on the opposite side of a house from his Ghoul block with all my monsters and characters (running around this sort of was my go-to move this game). I had an amazing shooting phase with my 14 Darkshards which needed 6s to hit and 6s to wound taking 5 wounds off the Terrorghiest!

Turn 2:

During Jame’s turn 2 he healed a wound on the Terrorghiest, but didn’t get much else off. Meanwhile his Varghiest munched through my darkshards unit.

During my turn my lord killed the Casket, and i pumped a ton of shots into the Terroghiest but failed to kill it.

Turns 3-5 (all sort of blended together):

James rapid fires off Amber Spear during Turns 4 and 5 killing a Kharibdyss and a Hydra. His Varghiest kill a bolt thrower.

I finish off his Necromancer with a Flame Cage and kill the zombie block. His ghoul unit is surrounded as my models dance around. A flank breath attack from my Hydra kills a whopping 11 ghouls!

Jame’s Banshee charges out in an attempt to kill my Kharibydss (which was then Amber Speared off), and gets fireballed.

One of Jame’s Vampire leaves the unit to hunt down my last Hydra (which he does succeed in).

I then charge my BsB and Lord into the ghouls. The BsB gets tied up in a challenge with the GHoul champion. My lord causes no wounds to Jame’s thanks to two handy 4+ wards. Jame’s Vampire causes 1 wound to the Manticore after a bit of a whiff, and the Manticore returns with a killing blow which James fails to save! Bye, bye Vampire Lord! The combat is tied up during my turn and the game ends with James having just his summoned Varghiest and lvl 2 Vamp lord left (at some point I killed the Terrorghiest).

Great game to James!

Few thoughts on my army.

1) Just a single lvl 2 performed very well. 2 fireballs were cheap and easy to cast, and with my speed my caster was still a threat. Flame cage served as a major pain for Jame’s big blocks of infantry.

2) The Casket definitely strengthens the Vampire Count’s magic phase giving Jame’s double my dice in both phases he had it.

3) Amberspear should never be underestimated!